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Twitter is a Weather-Watchers-Wonder


I have taken a big dive into a sea of Twits, where you will find me bubling up at “yogazeal”  Counting Tweets from my Search for the term DOWNPOUR – and found over a dozen per hour! Exciting start to a new internet addiction.  If we can trace the rate of Tweets with the term DOWNPOUR during all Constellations, we may be able to prove the B-D calendar in a few months.

According to the B-D calendar, this will end in 24hrs, when the HEAT starts in the Flower/Fire Constellation.  The advantage of Twitter is that correspondents receive the note promptly to their phones, so that all can share the weather as it occurs.  If you are not a fan of Twitter or Astrology, no worries!  I will transcribe the log of events back here to our blog.

In any case, I see the world of Twitter as a large source of instant weather updates.  I expect it will help us establish the characteristics of the weather as we transit thru the Constellations.

First Winter Storm arrives in Root/Earth. Tasty!


As the Moon, Descending here in the Antipodes, moved into the Root/Earth Constellation of Virgo, Auckland has had heavy thunderstorms, and even Nelson, NZ, got some rain.  This is the type of rain event we had in the summer, when the cusps, entering (or leaving) the Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations, brought spectacular rain.

And the B-D practicioners of the world must be aglow after reports that wine tasting at upscale London vintners are now held according to the Moon Constellations.  These reports all list the originator of this measure as  Maria Thun.  The odd news is that commentators appear to think the wine itself changes with the moon, rather than the people and their perceptions under its Menstrual influence.


That is good news for this project, but may be viewed in the negative light of Crass Commercialism.  Cold Marketing Logic insists on using this new data to promote sales.  But I am willing keep working to prove the accuracy of Maria Thun’s categories.

Perhaps we could steer the sales towards sustainable organic products, because many researchers have commented that the B-D calendar is effective for organic crops more than chemically-stimulated crops.