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Enormity of Task for Flighty Reporter


I have recently changed houses and now have no internet access- these reports will suffer more than before. My energy has been shifted to and now my blog updates here will wait for some days – until we get www at home.

In the meantime, as the moon shifted into Root/Earth Constellation Taurus the skies clouded over, drizzle slowly developed and after about 30 hours, a windy storm started raining buckets.    This was predicted in my Twitter posts, but are difficult to translate to this blog.  The immediacy of Twitter lends itself to posting about the weather – and I am not alone!

We passed the equinox twenty days ago, and have had a mix of rains in several constellations, but none in Flower/Air.  This is a pattern that is also visible on the satellite images I have been following, as you can see from the posts below.   More to come . . .

Travel under the Moon


As you will see from the blog and Twitter, I generally write about the transit of the Moon as it occurs. These transits, or motion of the Moon from one constellation to the next, are proving to be the key to the characteristics of the clouds and rains. This issue seems rather simple, and I know that others have tracked the rains in relation to moon’s phases.

 There is a reliable folk saying that if the new moon arrives in clear weather, then it will continue dry for ten to fourteen days. Since yesterday’s new moon was in a Fruit/Fire constellation, I think there will be less rains than normal, but since we are close to the equinox, we are entering some unstable weather patterns. I am back after a month of travel, but while traveling met several people who ssid they would add information, so  ‘Keep tuned!’

TwitterExplosion of Rain at the Cusp


I have been using to comment on the weather and have had good feedback. I must admit that I cannot make a good sentence in 140 characters – especially anguished now that I have been taught that sophisticated Twitter users only post with 120 characters, which leaves enough room for your lines to be reposted (or forwarded…)
Twitter has an intriguing feature available to all, which is the search function. I have used that to measure various keywords, which coincidentally are used in this blog as tags: Thunderstorm, Downpour, and Heatwave. Yesterday, as the Moon shifted into Root/Earth Constellation, our Pacific skies filled with clouds, and we had a long gentle shower.
At the same time, a Twitter search reveals more incidences of the terms for rain.
I expect more results from Twitter than this blog since the number of people involved is so much greater. The results may still prove the validity of the BD calendar, but will be more difficult to interpret.  Twitter measures the number of incidences of terms in a number of hours, so these interpretations are both broad and quite arbitrary.  The overall images do encourage me to continue with this investigation, as you can see at

Twitter is a Weather-Watchers-Wonder


I have taken a big dive into a sea of Twits, where you will find me bubling up at “yogazeal”  Counting Tweets from my Search for the term DOWNPOUR – and found over a dozen per hour! Exciting start to a new internet addiction.  If we can trace the rate of Tweets with the term DOWNPOUR during all Constellations, we may be able to prove the B-D calendar in a few months.

According to the B-D calendar, this will end in 24hrs, when the HEAT starts in the Flower/Fire Constellation.  The advantage of Twitter is that correspondents receive the note promptly to their phones, so that all can share the weather as it occurs.  If you are not a fan of Twitter or Astrology, no worries!  I will transcribe the log of events back here to our blog.

In any case, I see the world of Twitter as a large source of instant weather updates.  I expect it will help us establish the characteristics of the weather as we transit thru the Constellations.