Twitter is a Weather-Watchers-Wonder

I have taken a big dive into a sea of Twits, where you will find me bubling up at “yogazeal”  Counting Tweets from my Search for the term DOWNPOUR – and found over a dozen per hour! Exciting start to a new internet addiction.  If we can trace the rate of Tweets with the term DOWNPOUR during all Constellations, we may be able to prove the B-D calendar in a few months.

According to the B-D calendar, this will end in 24hrs, when the HEAT starts in the Flower/Fire Constellation.  The advantage of Twitter is that correspondents receive the note promptly to their phones, so that all can share the weather as it occurs.  If you are not a fan of Twitter or Astrology, no worries!  I will transcribe the log of events back here to our blog.

In any case, I see the world of Twitter as a large source of instant weather updates.  I expect it will help us establish the characteristics of the weather as we transit thru the Constellations.

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