Enormity of Task for Flighty Reporter

I have recently changed houses and now have no internet access- these reports will suffer more than before. My energy has been shifted to http://www.twitter.com/yogazeal and now my blog updates here will wait for some days – until we get www at home.

In the meantime, as the moon shifted into Root/Earth Constellation Taurus the skies clouded over, drizzle slowly developed and after about 30 hours, a windy storm started raining buckets.    This was predicted in my Twitter posts, but are difficult to translate to this blog.  The immediacy of Twitter lends itself to posting about the weather – and I am not alone!

We passed the equinox twenty days ago, and have had a mix of rains in several constellations, but none in Flower/Air.  This is a pattern that is also visible on the satellite images I have been following, as you can see from the posts below.   More to come . . .

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