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Shift into Fruit/Fire from Leaf/Water


My new access to the map is making this process very authoritative.  Now, as the moon slides across from Pisces to Aries, the mapshows almost no rain across the country.  Where I am located, we saw the wispy cirrus clouds that portend rain in about two days.  So it just might be that this equinox bears rains in this Fruit/Fire Constellation.

At Water Transit to Fire

At Water Transit to Fire

I am fascinated by the embrace of the world-wide vinyards towards biodynamics as a reliable technique to improve their wines.  If, during harvest periods near the equinox, rain is most abundant in Fruit/Fire Constellations, vinyard harvest could be scheduled accordingly. 

Likewise, tomatoes should be harvested in this moon transit to gain most flavor and best resistance to degradation.  But be quick if clouds appear, because it may surprise you with a downpour.  Keep track in real-time at

Cloud Types Photo Link


This project, comparing Characteristics of clouds and rains and we need to have a definition of Cloud Type.  For this purpose, I suggest we use  until one of your comments leads to an improvement and we identify a photograph that is more appropriate for our needs. 
In selecting I have tried to find a photo that is simple,  that all can save to their own computer.  This may make it easier to communicate basic information amongst us, but not be detailed enough to differentiate and define the Characteristics of clouds and rains.  Our findings will inform us more about our needs.

Old saying are helpful in understanding the weather.  Forecasters have a massive array of technology in play to predict short-term weather patterns.  This does reduce our need to be precise about the types of clouds passing.  It is likely that we will see marked differences between summer and winter clouds, and also the intervening seasons. 

My expectation is that the timing of rain rhythms, perhaps like “rain-heavy-by-day, drizzle-by-night” or rain only near the cusps, will show the general effects based on the Biodynamic Calendar.   But in these initial research phases, looking for general rules, we will take note of the Ascendent/Descendent and Phases of the Moon, in addition to the Constellations.  A possible key is changes in clouds in different Constellations, so we should use these tagged titles – Cirrus, Cirrocumulus, Altostratus, Cumulonimbus, Cumulus, Nimbostratus, and Stratus – Keep Posted!