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Rainstorm Search on YouTube


As this solo project is taking shape, I am learning a bit more about the technology – that samw www you all appreciate!  Search for ‘rainstorm” on YouTube and you get some chorus groups singing, but also some major storms recorded.  It seems that major storms are generally in either summer or winter months.

The first two I found were both floods in Scorpio, Leaf/Water Constellations. The next two were in Root/Earth Constellations, and there are another 300 videos to review. 

As you may recall,  last June and July, Twitter search for “Downpour” has given similar statistical results around the cusps of Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations.  I am able to find exceptions occasionally;  do these ‘Prove the Rule?’

How much information needs to be collected before meteorologists will start using the Biodynamic Calendar?  And then other scientists, like agronomists and veterniarians.  If wine tastes and sells better in Leaf/Water Constellations, then how much longer before even diets adjust with the Moon?