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Changes as we near the Equinox


Winter/Summer rains have been exclusively in Root/Earth and Leaf/Water Constellations.  That in itself proves the validity of the BD calendar to me, but what of the periods close to the Equinoxes?  As mentioned before, the length of the days is changing quickly now, as only 3 weeks remain to the equinox.

It seems that Equinox rains are more generous in Flower/Air and Fruit/Fire Constellations so we will continue to keep recording.  In fact yesterday, we had substantial rains in Flower/Air just before the Moon moved into Leaf/Water so it seems that that trend will continue for the next 8 weeks or so.  So wherever you are,  expect some surprising rain, even a Sudden Downpour, at noon, UTC, on Saturday, 29 August.

Transit to Leaf/Water Constellation


At UTC 1500, the moon moves from the Flower/Air to a Leaf/Water Constellation.  If you are where the clouds are, you may beware of sudden showers, or downpours!   As you have read here before, the most likely times of rain is at the beginning or at the end of the Leaf/Water Constellation, the period known as the Cusp.

Please let us hear about your experiences during the 48 hours of this Leaf/Water Constellation?