Rhythmic Fluctuations

I have been attending a Biodynamic Preparations Workshop, and am finding several other weather related studies are taking place. Since weather is a rhythmic event, the route is difficult to trace in a short study. Imagine the controversy if Climate Change discussions were based on just twelve months fluctuations. As you may recall, the rains last November-March were exclusively in Leaf/Water & Root/Earth Constellations. From that I rushed ahead to get some theories that have slowly been coagulating. Note that the tital of this Blog is “Weather Now & . . . ” which explains why I have been using Twitter instant messaging. The challenge is to write something about a weather event that the reader might not read for a week! Twitter is a fast-loader, while for my slow connection, this blog is a slow experience. This explains why I have more than one Tweet per day, and am slow here, but never fear, I will recover with better internet service. We also have the great advantage of the maps on this blog. You may with to open your own satellite maps and I suggest you look for a radar/satellite composite map to see the best detail.


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