Shift into Fruit/Fire from Leaf/Water

My new access to the map is making this process very authoritative.  Now, as the moon slides across from Pisces to Aries, the mapshows almost no rain across the country.  Where I am located, we saw the wispy cirrus clouds that portend rain in about two days.  So it just might be that this equinox bears rains in this Fruit/Fire Constellation.

At Water Transit to Fire

At Water Transit to Fire

I am fascinated by the embrace of the world-wide vinyards towards biodynamics as a reliable technique to improve their wines.  If, during harvest periods near the equinox, rain is most abundant in Fruit/Fire Constellations, vinyard harvest could be scheduled accordingly. 

Likewise, tomatoes should be harvested in this moon transit to gain most flavor and best resistance to degradation.  But be quick if clouds appear, because it may surprise you with a downpour.  Keep track in real-time at


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