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First Winter Storm arrives in Root/Earth. Tasty!


As the Moon, Descending here in the Antipodes, moved into the Root/Earth Constellation of Virgo, Auckland has had heavy thunderstorms, and even Nelson, NZ, got some rain.  This is the type of rain event we had in the summer, when the cusps, entering (or leaving) the Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations, brought spectacular rain.

And the B-D practicioners of the world must be aglow after reports that wine tasting at upscale London vintners are now held according to the Moon Constellations.  These reports all list the originator of this measure as  Maria Thun.  The odd news is that commentators appear to think the wine itself changes with the moon, rather than the people and their perceptions under its Menstrual influence.


That is good news for this project, but may be viewed in the negative light of Crass Commercialism.  Cold Marketing Logic insists on using this new data to promote sales.  But I am willing keep working to prove the accuracy of Maria Thun’s categories.

Perhaps we could steer the sales towards sustainable organic products, because many researchers have commented that the B-D calendar is effective for organic crops more than chemically-stimulated crops.

Expecting Rain in the Fruit/Fire Constellations, for a few more weeks


We have had quite a drought, and the clear skies have not required many posts on my part . . . until now as we move into Aries the Ram, a Fruit/Fire Constellation, which starts UTC 1700 on 24 April.  I am preparing a theory about the fact that summer rains were exclusively in Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations and now are recorded only in the other constellations (Fruit/Fire and Flower/Air.)  This is based on a comment by Soper, who wrote several books on Biodynamics:  The Fruit/Fire and Flower/Air Constellations were considered impermanent by the ancients, as opposed to the solidity represented by Leaf/Water and Root/Earth.  These impermanent characteristics fit with the fast-changing length of the days at our Latitude 41.   So as the days become more similar in length, in four weeks more, I forecast the rain to return to Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellation days.

First Rains of Autumn


We have not had any rain since the equinox, when I started this blog!  So yesterday, in the Fruit/Fire Constellation, we did have significant rain, ending a along dry spell which allowed the grapes and tomatoes to ripen well.  The rain was accompanied by stiff winds and the style of the rain was in downpours, with thick Cumulonimbus cloud cover all day.

The hours before a storm are known for high ionization of the air, and a sense of activity has moved me to get outside and moving.  Yesterday we took a short hike up to 330 meters from our seaside town.  We were just at the base of the clounds, so were delighted to get a view of distant shores in between gusts.  Luckily we were almost down as the first of a long series of downpours blew in. 

The rain and wind are much easier to report when compared to cloud types.  The surprise in this report is that the rain arrived in a Fruit/Fire Constellation, which we had not had.  This began a series of new aspects of this research!