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Rainstorm Search on YouTube


As this solo project is taking shape, I am learning a bit more about the technology – that samw www you all appreciate!  Search for ‘rainstorm” on YouTube and you get some chorus groups singing, but also some major storms recorded.  It seems that major storms are generally in either summer or winter months.

The first two I found were both floods in Scorpio, Leaf/Water Constellations. The next two were in Root/Earth Constellations, and there are another 300 videos to review. 

As you may recall,  last June and July, Twitter search for “Downpour” has given similar statistical results around the cusps of Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations.  I am able to find exceptions occasionally;  do these ‘Prove the Rule?’

How much information needs to be collected before meteorologists will start using the Biodynamic Calendar?  And then other scientists, like agronomists and veterniarians.  If wine tastes and sells better in Leaf/Water Constellations, then how much longer before even diets adjust with the Moon?

Another Clue in the Water Constellation


We have another clue as to the characteristic of rains in the Leaf/Water Constellations. We moved into Pisces and the weather prediction was for partly cloudy skies.  The morning dawned clear, but soon heavy low cloud moved over like a fog.  We had spots of rain, although none was forecast.

I am wondering if, since we are now in the more stable time of year, day length is more constant, then we return to the summer rhythm of more rain in Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations.  Please keep your comments coming to verify world-wide.

Rains from Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces


We had consistent predictions of showers for the day, and expected steady rain in the night of Root/Earth Constellation.  So far, in  this Constellation, we have had gusty winds, various types of clouds, and a few sprinkles (light showers,) even including a distant rainbow at mid-day.  But the daytime rains held off, which is a pattern we had in Flower/Air Constellations in March and April.

It seems that this is the TYPE of storm, often with extended periods of high winds, followed by heavy rain.  The ambitious purpose of this blog is to track the storms, and see if they change character near the cusps.  Since they move across the country at a rate of 500 to 1000 km each day, a small group of people can define the storm in unison.

In fact, late night brought strong winds and short bursts of rain – not the STEADY RAIN predicted, and noted in Root/Earth Constellations in Summer.  The clouds cleared at dawn, but then are returning as Stratus clouds, no rain threatening, but large, fast moving and low.  In the evening the Root/Earth Constellation passed into Flower/Air.

So, in the Flower/Air Constellation of Aquarius, we have had some steady rains, with large cumulonimbus clouds covering wide areas of the sky.  We have had the steady rains about once every six hours, interspersed with clear skies. 

Meanwhile, we have shifted into Pisces, starting at 0700 UTC, 19 May, until the moon moves into Aries at 0300 UTC, 22 May.  It has been hard to notice IF it rains, since the water on the ground does not evaporate – it is COLD!

Transit to Leaf/Water Constellation


At UTC 1500, the moon moves from the Flower/Air to a Leaf/Water Constellation.  If you are where the clouds are, you may beware of sudden showers, or downpours!   As you have read here before, the most likely times of rain is at the beginning or at the end of the Leaf/Water Constellation, the period known as the Cusp.

Please let us hear about your experiences during the 48 hours of this Leaf/Water Constellation?