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Expecting Rain in the Fruit/Fire Constellations, for a few more weeks


We have had quite a drought, and the clear skies have not required many posts on my part . . . until now as we move into Aries the Ram, a Fruit/Fire Constellation, which starts UTC 1700 on 24 April.  I am preparing a theory about the fact that summer rains were exclusively in Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations and now are recorded only in the other constellations (Fruit/Fire and Flower/Air.)  This is based on a comment by Soper, who wrote several books on Biodynamics:  The Fruit/Fire and Flower/Air Constellations were considered impermanent by the ancients, as opposed to the solidity represented by Leaf/Water and Root/Earth.  These impermanent characteristics fit with the fast-changing length of the days at our Latitude 41.   So as the days become more similar in length, in four weeks more, I forecast the rain to return to Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellation days.

Your Contributions and Comments


I hope everyone writes every other day or so, to coincide with the Moon Transits, or cusps.  That way, we will build a large database quickly and be able to know if there is a pattern to the type of clouds, and the way they act.  I have been calling that the Characteristic of the weather.

So this research is exciting, because we can quickly find parallels  of abrupt changes in the Characteristic of the weather at the Moon Transits, throughout the world.  For those unfamiliar with Steiner’s concepts, this will be a powerful argument to investigate Anthroposophy.

You will discover that we want to make a keen observance of changes in the weather at the cusps, to note differences in the characteristic of the two Constellations.  Biodynamic researchers have written that they are quite confident of effects of agricultural processes in the center of the period of the Constellations.   Apparently, it has been difficult to determine effects of work at the cusps, and it seems to make sense that the effect of the moon will be visible in the air (and among insects) before reaching down into the heavier and more complex soil matrix.

Contributors will be known friends, or verified members of their local Biodynamic Association.  Comments are open to any registered web surfer, and for my convenience should be in English, German or Spanish.