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Enormity of Task for Flighty Reporter


I have recently changed houses and now have no internet access- these reports will suffer more than before. My energy has been shifted to and now my blog updates here will wait for some days – until we get www at home.

In the meantime, as the moon shifted into Root/Earth Constellation Taurus the skies clouded over, drizzle slowly developed and after about 30 hours, a windy storm started raining buckets.    This was predicted in my Twitter posts, but are difficult to translate to this blog.  The immediacy of Twitter lends itself to posting about the weather – and I am not alone!

We passed the equinox twenty days ago, and have had a mix of rains in several constellations, but none in Flower/Air.  This is a pattern that is also visible on the satellite images I have been following, as you can see from the posts below.   More to come . . .

Changes as we near the Equinox


Winter/Summer rains have been exclusively in Root/Earth and Leaf/Water Constellations.  That in itself proves the validity of the BD calendar to me, but what of the periods close to the Equinoxes?  As mentioned before, the length of the days is changing quickly now, as only 3 weeks remain to the equinox.

It seems that Equinox rains are more generous in Flower/Air and Fruit/Fire Constellations so we will continue to keep recording.  In fact yesterday, we had substantial rains in Flower/Air just before the Moon moved into Leaf/Water so it seems that that trend will continue for the next 8 weeks or so.  So wherever you are,  expect some surprising rain, even a Sudden Downpour, at noon, UTC, on Saturday, 29 August.

Equinox and our Auspicious Start!


An auspicious start for Nelson Biodynamic Group today, with a workshop on Preparation 500. We had the March 2009 Equinox, a descending moon, and a transition to an Earth Constellation just about the evening hour that we were to finish potentising, or mixing. I went to a neighbour’s house, since he has left town for the month, and was just finishing his arbor of pears and comfrey when the drops started raining down. At the same moment, his neighbours came to the fence to ask what I was doing, and were very satisfied to hear “spreading biodynamic preparation.” I felt a special connection to the process then. The sky had been slowly filling with clouds during our workshop, and the rain coincided with the cusp, as predicted.

This corroborates the order of the following tale in Steiner’s first lecture on agriculture, later named Biodynamics by his followers. “Two professors at university debated the relation of moon location to the amount of rainfall. Their private rainwater came from a shared courtyard, so the ’spiritual’ professor suggested that they divide the collection days according to his weather predictions, so that he would collect more rainfall. The other professor agreed, but his wife countermanded him.

This demonstrates that folk wisdom had not disappeared in the nineteenth century. Steiner’s typical criticism of this situation is that the women believed the Old Knowledge, while their husbands delved into the new precision of “Science” with disdain for the traditional ways.  Steiner seeks to recover the Old Knowledge through research using the ’scientific method’ so that everyone can reproduce the results.