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TwitterExplosion of Rain at the Cusp


I have been using to comment on the weather and have had good feedback. I must admit that I cannot make a good sentence in 140 characters – especially anguished now that I have been taught that sophisticated Twitter users only post with 120 characters, which leaves enough room for your lines to be reposted (or forwarded…)
Twitter has an intriguing feature available to all, which is the search function. I have used that to measure various keywords, which coincidentally are used in this blog as tags: Thunderstorm, Downpour, and Heatwave. Yesterday, as the Moon shifted into Root/Earth Constellation, our Pacific skies filled with clouds, and we had a long gentle shower.
At the same time, a Twitter search reveals more incidences of the terms for rain.
I expect more results from Twitter than this blog since the number of people involved is so much greater. The results may still prove the validity of the BD calendar, but will be more difficult to interpret.  Twitter measures the number of incidences of terms in a number of hours, so these interpretations are both broad and quite arbitrary.  The overall images do encourage me to continue with this investigation, as you can see at