NASA’s “Earth Science Enterprise” maps

I have stumbled upon a treasure trove of data about weather.  Not only NASA, but many universities have maps of atmospheric vapor.  This shows us the progression of a storm. The films I have seen so far show very clear rhythms  of expansion and spin in the middle latitudes, so correlation with the Moon is just a matter of determining the best images and dating with the correct biodynamic calendar.

We have lots of work to do to make that higher level graphic correlation, but in the meantime, yesterday was oppressive, humid and cloudy, but shifting from the Earth/Root Constellation into the Flower/Air Constellation brought clear skies and a fresh breeze.  So the fundamental sequence of changes in the weather that coincide with the cusps clearly continues.

For the record, the previous cusp into the Fire/Fruit Constellation brought some hours of heavy rains, followed by hot clear skies.  That would be pretty on the rain maps we will be finding and decoding  – but probably in September or so . . .



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