Types of Rain in Four Constellations

As I keep my eye on the sky, each storm passes through several phases, each characterized by warm air swirling into rain followed by cool air.  The effects of the moon shows some repetition of how quickly these phases develop.

Steiner repeatedly talked about scientific experiments, and this qualifies in the definition that these are REPEATABLE.   In this month of July, I have seen repetitions of my records in January, with ALL rain in Water and Earth Constellations.  But that was for the dry-summer climate of NZ, and now I find us in Washington, DC, expecting more rains as we approach August.

So far, I have reported this on twitter.com/yogazeal, from New Zealand, Chile, Brazil and both Florida and Maryland in the USA.

This celestial effect of the moon is generalized over the whole earth. Where there are clouds, it is more likely to rain NOW, while in Virgo, but gentle rains. This will give way at about 0100 UTC on July 29, when the moon moves into Libra, and Flower/Air Constellation, which is generally dry, but windy, with many types of clouds. Any rains after 0900 UTC July 30 are likely to be heavy stormy rains in the Leaf/Water Constellation of Scorpio.

We have a picnic planned for the next Root/Earth Constellation, which is poor planning because it is most likely to rain steadily.


2 Responses to “Types of Rain in Four Constellations”

  1. Tarek Says:

    i want to know more about types of rain with picture.thank you.

  2. tirecycling Says:

    I have little www time, but do use the satellite pictures of the clouds to show general patterns. Much work remains to be done, and if you have more interest, I post to twitter as YOGAZEAL, so you can get the info about the Constellations from that.
    But even so, each period of constellatoin seems to generate a series of characteristics storms. The Fruit/Fire Constellation brings a slow build up with lots of blustery clouds, the Root/Earth Constellation starts with Drizzle then Downpours, the Flower/Air Constellations blows in with winds and light showers, and finally the Leaf/Water Constellations bring steady rains.
    I live in a dry part of New Zealand – and you?

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