Doubts About Weather effected by the Moon

Frankly, a large proportion of people are not aware of Rudolf Steiner, and many have a negative opinion about his evolving Spiritual Science.  So I find myself repeating that this is NOT astrology, but rather Astronomy.  With more than a year’s experience correlating the B-D calendar with the weather, I have reported several repeating patterns.

A few days ago, I had a meeting with an important client. We talked just after the moon shifted to Virgo, and we soon had a moderate rain.  Even so, my comments about my records of rains at the cusps were ridiculed.  I need more support from you, gentle reader, and comments about the rain events in your area!

The rains are most often at the cusps, the beginning or the end of the moon’s transit, or passage, through each constellation.  Other characteristics are beginning to emerge, but I do not want to list expectations too early in this research.  The only thing safe to say is that we will have beautiful sunsets in the time of the Flower/Air Constellation that starts about 2300 UTC, July 28.

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