Cusp of Libra, Clearly

The extended rains in the Root/Earth Constellation slowly came to an end, with small low cumulus clouds blowing over all day.  When the moon moved into the Flower/Air Constellation, at nine in the morning,  (2100 UTC, July First,) the sky was crystal clear. 

But there is a large storm on the radar, and the sky slowly covered over with a pall of stratus.  Although the rain was forecast with light winds, the characteristics of Flower/Air are typically that the wind starts to blow for quite a while before the first drops fall.   Perhaps that will be proven in the next twelve hours or so.

Since starting this project,  I often reflect on the origin of the division of the Constellations as clarified by Maria Thun and Rudolf Steiner.  The insects are one of the most visible species that become more active in the Flower/Air Constellation,  as reported in previous posts here, and by beekeepers in several B-D publications.    This Journal will be a tremendous support to Maria Thun if we can get a definition of world-wide characteristics as the weather patterns change with the moon.

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