Rains from Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces

We had consistent predictions of showers for the day, and expected steady rain in the night of Root/Earth Constellation.  So far, in  this Constellation, we have had gusty winds, various types of clouds, and a few sprinkles (light showers,) even including a distant rainbow at mid-day.  But the daytime rains held off, which is a pattern we had in Flower/Air Constellations in March and April.

It seems that this is the TYPE of storm, often with extended periods of high winds, followed by heavy rain.  The ambitious purpose of this blog is to track the storms, and see if they change character near the cusps.  Since they move across the country at a rate of 500 to 1000 km each day, a small group of people can define the storm in unison.

In fact, late night brought strong winds and short bursts of rain – not the STEADY RAIN predicted, and noted in Root/Earth Constellations in Summer.  The clouds cleared at dawn, but then are returning as Stratus clouds, no rain threatening, but large, fast moving and low.  In the evening the Root/Earth Constellation passed into Flower/Air.

So, in the Flower/Air Constellation of Aquarius, we have had some steady rains, with large cumulonimbus clouds covering wide areas of the sky.  We have had the steady rains about once every six hours, interspersed with clear skies. 

Meanwhile, we have shifted into Pisces, starting at 0700 UTC, 19 May, until the moon moves into Aries at 0300 UTC, 22 May.  It has been hard to notice IF it rains, since the water on the ground does not evaporate – it is COLD!

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3 Responses to “Rains from Capricorn to Aquarius to Pisces”

  1. jonathan Code Says:

    I would like to know where you are based (location) and if your weather forecasts are localized or generalized.
    J Code

    • tirecycling Says:

      You can read more about the Nelson, NZ, based author at https://biodynamicjournal.wordpress.com/about
      The issues are local, but with universal characteristics, and I hope widespread information will define the coordination of the Constellations and Time. Read more at

    • tirecycling Says:

      Unfortunately, I am traveling for the next month, which means I cannot get my bearings, much less try to define Characteristics of the weather – but still, I have witnessed remarkable events around the Cusps. So far, in July, I have reported this on twitter.com/yogazeal, from New Zealand, Chile, Brazil and both Florida and Maryland in the USA. This celestial effect of the moon is generalized over the whole earth. Where there are clouds, it is more likely to rain NOW, while in Virgo, but gentle rains. This will give way at about 0100 UTC on July 29, when the moon moves into Libra, and Air Constellation, which is generally dry, but windy, with many types of clouds. Keep posted!

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