Returning to the Fixed Constellations

As we noted previously, the length of the days is not changing very much – about nine minutes per week, similar to the middle of January, we are five weeks from the solstice.  So, in keeping with our evidence so far, the rains are expected to be in the Fixed Constellations.  These constellations that bring out the most rain now are Root/Earth and Leaf/Water Constellations. 

This was confirmed today, when a few rainy days in Goat/Capricorn, of Root/Earth, finished just before we moved into clear weather for the Water Carrier/Aquarius Constellation.

For the rain dates, winter will not be as simple as our summer was, because it will rain much more.  But it is clear that the rain occurs most often in the ‘cusp’ period, just before or after the shift to the new constellation.  Where you live, I predict rain just after we shift into the Leaf/Water Constellation of Pisces, at 0600 UTC, Sunday 17 May.

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