“Massive Storm Trumps Small Theory”

Up until now, I have documented the shifts of the Autumn rains in Fruit/Fire and Flower/Air Constellations, from Summer rains in Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations.  I was unrealistic in hoping for a confirmation of theories in a few months.   Today’s significant storm throws my simple theory into doubt.  The wind and the rain does reinforce the need to define “Characteristics” more clearly.

My emerging theory is this shift is due to change of the day length, which is most noticeable in the months around the equinoxes, when the day lengths at Latitude 41 are changing by almost three minutes per day. (Two minutes twenty-four seconds even now, five weeks after the equinox.)

To be fair, I will try to compare climates in the temperate latitudes, since the daylight extremes are greater.  Northern Europe has the highest concentration of biodynamic farms, and ideally also the most correspondents.

The forecast was for heavy rain yesterday, but, in apparent confirmation of my theory, low threatening clouds gathered several times, with great gusts, but no drops fell.  Since two sources (www.weather.com and www.wunderground.com) agreed that we would have had at least five centimeters of rain yesterday, I feel confident the overall theory is sound, because the rain is coming, but only grudgingly. But, I am in danger of losing my simple theory, since the forecast still calls for heavy rains until the end of this Root/Earth Constellation (Bull/Taurus.)  

Meanwhile, at the time we leave this Root/Earth Constellation, the rain is supposed to have passed.  Please keep an eye on the weather as we move into a Flower/Air Constellation at nine pm, 28 April UTC.  From my previous experience, I would expect a steady rain after the cusp.  Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion of the Mystery of Weather.

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