Expecting Rain in the Fruit/Fire Constellations, for a few more weeks

We have had quite a drought, and the clear skies have not required many posts on my part . . . until now as we move into Aries the Ram, a Fruit/Fire Constellation, which starts UTC 1700 on 24 April.  I am preparing a theory about the fact that summer rains were exclusively in Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations and now are recorded only in the other constellations (Fruit/Fire and Flower/Air.)  This is based on a comment by Soper, who wrote several books on Biodynamics:  The Fruit/Fire and Flower/Air Constellations were considered impermanent by the ancients, as opposed to the solidity represented by Leaf/Water and Root/Earth.  These impermanent characteristics fit with the fast-changing length of the days at our Latitude 41.   So as the days become more similar in length, in four weeks more, I forecast the rain to return to Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellation days.

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