Spiders in the Flower/Air Constellations

As I write we are in the midst of the Moon in Aquarius, the Water Carrier, one of the larger Air Constellations.  As we have had for the past four months, the  Air Constellation brings clear weather.   I was going to restrict this blog to clouds and rain, but I take you on a detour to Insect-land.

At the previous Air Constellations, I saw three different types of spiders in our small house – and never in the two months before and never since – except today!   Furthermore, this was a fourth variety of spider.    I conjecture that all insects, with their very delicate metabolic humidity balance,   show significant changes according to the Moon Constellations.

One of my Biodynamic readings last year commented that honey bees are more calm and passive in Air Constellations.  Surely, your daily experience with mosquitoes and biting flies will be easy to remember and record, so we can expect a significant amount of comments about Insect activity.

From that we can determine some reproducible observations to report.  So if you are inviting people to inspect your barn, wait for an Air Constellation day and perhaps the flies will not be so evident!  With world-wide experiences recorded, this could be a powerful tool.

(Editor’s Note:  This past weekend while in Gemini Flower/Air Constellation, a few more spiders appeared!)


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