Root/Earth Constellation at the End of March

First steps toward prediction are to take records, and so far I have noticed rain has fallen almost exclusively in the Leaf/Water and Root/Earth Constellations.  In the Northern Hemisphere, spring rains will be much heavier than our autumn drizzles here in the South of New Zealand.  With your concerted observations from across the globe, we shall see Characteristics unfolding throughout.

Soon, at 0300 UTC, the Moon shifts into the Taurus Constellation, a Root/Earth Constellation.  Here we have had hot dry weather, and that is forecast to continue, but with clouds, and so I expect some drizzle in the day, as this has been the pattern in the summer.  The Moon is in Root/Earth until the end of the month, and I trust your comments will start coordinated efforts. 

At any certain time of the year, the Phase of the Moon, and the Constellation, will define the time of day that the Moon draws tides.  If we accept that water in plants can also move under the influence of the Moon, that vascular tide will interplay with the plant metabolism in powerful ways.  Imagine the difference for the plant to get High Tide at midday, with photosynthesis in full swing, as opposed to High Tides at dawn and sunset! 

In terms of astronomy, the Constellation of New Moons indicates which Constellation the sun is in.  For example, the March New Moon was in Pisces.  This is an example of the precession of the equinoxes.  Astrology in the west defines the Sun Signs according to their location in the sky of some date about 3500 years ago, at the time of early Hindus;  present day Hindu ‘Jyotish’ astrology uses the Sun Signs close to their astronomically accurate locations.  Note that the Jyotish calendar does not use the full size of the Constellations, but has shifted for convenience to a 56-hour transit ascribed to each Constellation.  The power of this blog is that we will be able to ascertain the Constellation effects at the cusps, close to the astronomical transits.

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