Synchronization of Transits

The times in this world-wide blog are set by the Moon Transits and we use Universal  Time Center (UTC, formerly known as Greenwich Mean Time, GMT, near London, UK.) Since I am in New Zealand, and just over the date-line, I am eleven hours ahead of UTC from April to October and twelve  hours ahead the rest of the year.   When I list a Transit of the Moon to the next Constellation, I will use the UTC, which might mean nightfall here, and sunrise in Greenwich, of the same date.

I can only hope each individual who contributes will see the value in understanding the spin of the earth to coordinates reports; the Moon Transits occur at a certain hour, which each part of the world sees at their own “time.”  We will want to know your locations for general interest, but the times should all be counted in UTC World Time, such as six in the evening written 1800UTC.  Please comment below to steer us to a website with a widget for determining UTC for your particular location; we will mount the widget on the blog frame.



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